Advanced Manufacturing

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our facility.

The Fischer Facility covers nearly 100 acres for manufacturing, refurbishing and tank storage/staging.

The Fischer manufacturing process blends robotics with hand crafting on new and refurbished tanks.

Uniquely, all new Fischer tanks meet UL listed specification, NFPA 58, NBIC and ASME Section VIII, Division 1.

our process.

our product testing.

Fischer Product Testing is detailed and tireless. Some of our testing doubles that of other tank manufacturers. We live by the credo “Never Compromise Quality for Cost.” It has served our Customers well for decades.

Our tank and powder coat finish process testing includes:

  • 1000 hours of Salt Spray - PASSED
  • 3000 hours of QUV testing for chalking - PASSED
  • Impact & Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing - PASSED

UT Technology – shooting 32 beams of shear waves sound energy through the weld at varying angles from both sides providing essentially a 3D image of the weld.

see for yourself

We invite you to visit us and experience our process. Our products are built in moderate sized batches with many eyes upon the entire process. You will see how a high pressure, propane tank is built and all of the quality controls that we put in place to provide you with the highest quality and value product in the industry. We stand behind our process and our products as we have since 2006.

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